The Richard Ginori manufactory was born through the creative courage of Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori, who in 1735 decided to believe in the Doccia area and its potential. The experimental character that distinguished the start of production and the marquis’ unflagging commitment made it possible to achieve “the highest level of perfection in ceramics”: pure porcelain. Ginori’s production has thus come down through the centuries and today, 270 years later, it still symbolises the very finest quality.

The term “made in Italy” expresses an integrated system of learning and know-how, of skills and technologies that have been stratified in the country over time. Creative intelligence, technique and craftsmanship are the characteristics of a business model inherent in the production chain, in which small companies and artisans are the prime authors of the innovation process. This is the laboratory of the future. The territory, in turn, is a stratification of skills and craftsmanship. Richard Ginori represents the finest in Italian production. Its products reflect a particular way of interpreting work, technology and know-how. This expresses the culture of the extraordinary and of beauty.