In Laguiole, at the beginning of the 19th century, a new knife originated. It was a rustic blend of the Spanish “navaja” and the “capuchadou”, the modest dagger of the Aubrac peasants. And because it was the ironsmiths of Laguiole who created it in their imagination and forged it with their hands, the knife took its name from its birthplace and was christened the “Laguiole”.

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE opened its doors in 1987, the product of a group of passionate visionaries dedicated to reintroducing the fabrication of this famous knife in the village of its birth. Since that date Forge de Laguiole has worked to develop its manufacturing skills with respect for ancestral know-how including the manufacturing of the spare parts in the Laguiole village: forge of the blades, forge of the bolsters, sawing of the precious woods and horns for the handle, hand chiseling of the bees and spring, assembling, polishing until the final and strict control that guarantees a perfect quality. At the same time, several famous architects, designers, fashion designers and even several of the best French chefs reinterpreted the traditional Laguiole and gave to this knife a modern appearance with pure and elegant lines.